About Dick Parrish

Dick is a retired business executive. During phases of his nearly thirty year career with a large global company, he had the opportunity to recruit, hire, and manage new college graduates. After observing his sons' and their friends' trials and tribulations in securing jobs fresh out of college he was inspired to write Steps to Finding a Job After College with the goal of demystifying the job hiring process. Dick grew up in Ohio where he attended Bowling Green State University and earned his undergraduate degree in Education. He taught science and coached football and track. After a few years he returned to BGSU and earned a Masters in Business Administration.

With his MBA in hand he was recruited by a large global company that was headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. After retiring, he wanted to give something back to the next generation of young graduates, so he wrote a book.

Dick's motto is, " I don't want to make money, I just love to sell books". With that motto in mind the best way to use this blog in his opinion, is to take some time to read and use some of the resource links to determining where the best jobs are in your profession. The only cost is your time.

Whether you are a brand new graduate or someone looking for their next new job, I hope you enjoy the blog and find some new ways to approach your job quest.

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