May 24, 2017

5 Keys for Job Search

 Now that you have matriculated it's time to search for a job.  It's a shame that when you graduate you don't receive your diploma with a document inside informing you of a job that is waiting for you. How cool would that be? Unfortunately for most grads, your diploma is just the first step on your journey of seeking a job.
   OK, let's get to the point of this article. What are some of the key success factors needed to secure a job.
1. Finding a job is a job!
Write this success factor down and tape it to your door or mirror. No web surfing, FBing, or hanging out with your buddies. You need to apply a lot of discipline and put in 8 to 10 hours of job search related work daily.
2. Develop a quick job search plan.
Think through and develop a short action plan. Answer the who, what, when, where and how questions that can be used to guide your job search. For example write down who you would like to work for, what jobs are you interested in, when are you available, and where you are willing to move or not move to if you secure a job. The output from this success factor should provide you with a list where you can start searching for job opening by industry or actual named companies.
3. Don't procrastinate by fine tuning your resume.
Find an open job position, read the job application twice and then work on your resume. You will need to fine tune your resume for each job application, it's a huge waste of time to create a killer generic resume.
4. Keep good records.
Make sure to keep good records about all the job applications that you filled out on-line. Keeping track of 2 job applications in your head is easy. Keeping track of 50 (or 100) applications in your head is all but impossible. Don't get caught when you do get a phone call from company z and think I don't remember what the job opening was in company z.
5. Don't give up.
Applying for a job is incredibly exciting for the first week or so. Not so much after a month and it's really boring after 8 weeks. Finding yourself a job is really hard work. Don't get discouraged, remember key success factor 1. If you find yourself getting discouraged and thinking that something is wrong with you, get some advice from the job search experts. Go to the library and find some books written by professionals on their tips and tricks on job searching.
   There is a plethora of information on the web focusing on where and how to find jobs. Some of it is excellent and some not so much. Remember success factor 3 and don't try to read everything before you start your job search. You can utilize sources like Reddit, , to read or join a conversation about finding a job. You can also search for job articles like The industries hiring the most collegegrads in 2017 which has some very good data points for those 2017 grads looking for jobs. Now quit reading my article and start working on the 5 key success factors!

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