April 29, 2017

Don't forget the Focused Job Boards

   It's that time again, the annual Spring college graduation job search. Online job sites will have thousands of fresh graduates scouring new job listings in an effort to locate that first job. But what many new grads don't know is that in addition to the large on-line general job sites that hold all category of jobs, there are also smaller on-line job sites that focus on only key job fields. These more focused job sites can be very helpful to the graduate who wants to save some time and effort by only hunting for job openings that are specific to their field of study.

   For example, Science Careers [jobs.sciencecareers.org] is a website that has an online job board focused on global scientific careers. You will not find History or Accounting job openings on this job board. Nice time saver.
   Sometimes a focused job site can assist the job hunter who has a very broad college major. This time let's look at a person who has a degree in Art. One website that focuses on the art world is called Americans for the ARTS Connecting the Creative Mind [http://www.artjobs.com]. Only artistic type jobs are listed on this job board which may also give the new job searcher some ideas of the types of jobs that are currently on the open market. Both freelance and salaried jobs can be found on this job board.
   Think about it, whatever you studied in college, a website probably exists covering that field. Many of those websites have specific job boards. Become a job bandit and search them out, apply for openings, or leave your resume, who knows you may get a break and score a job.

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