March 19, 2017

Paid Internships Apply Today

Most universities now require students to intern with a business that's in their field of study. While internships are a good idea, many students have a problem finding internships that offer pay. Fortunately there are ways to find, apply and get paid during your internship.

I bet you already know the internship job search process, right? If not let's do a quick review. Let's see, first go to your university career center and select one of the posted internships in your field. Then apply for the opening and wait for the business to call you and offer you the internship. Piece of cake, right? If you believe this is how the process works then you probably believe that unicorns are alive and roaming the earth. Your university career center is a great place to start your search and it will have many resources to help in your paid internship search. I just wanted to get across the point that it is not an easy process to find a paid internship, it will take a lot of effort.  Think about that career center posting process for a moment. That internship posting will be seen not only by you but by hundreds of other university students who are in the hunt for a paid internship. There may only be one opening with tons of students applying for that single internship. Bummer, do you feel like your GPS just sent you on a virtual path into a lake? Many business do not list internship openings on normal on-line job search sites. Instead they quietly list their internship opening on the corporate home page that has job listings. Some corporations like Disney have designed multi-year internship programs that over a few summers, move you through a number of job positions. Pretty cool. An overlooked area for paid internships is the federal government. Now take a look at the USAJOBS PATHWAYS site. It's a blog designed for students and recent graduates looking for federal careers. The cool thing for you is this blog exists for federal internships that range across a spectrum of business and scientific fields.

Finally, don't wait to start looking for an internship, look and apply now. You may find a summer internship that won't interfere with your studies during the regular academic year. March and April are the ideal times to begin the application process for summer internships. Welcome to the real world of applying for employment. Now go to your university career center and start the search. 

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