February 13, 2017

Trump, Job Market, & You

Let me start out by saying that this article is not a political piece. This article's intent is to demonstrate how following the current news can help you locate potential areas for employment. So what do President Trump, the job market and you have in common? Let's explore that question a little bit.

Unless you have been living under a rock, since Trump has been on his "bring our jobs back home" bandwagon, it seems that every day some new corporation is announcing how they are creating new US jobs. General Motors pledged to invest $1 Billion in Michigan on their auto operations. Hyundai upped the ante by saying they would invest $3 Billion in their Georgia and Alabama plants. Ford Motors also jumped on the bandwagon. I know you are saying that all of this is great for the auto-industry but you have a degree in education. Now this is where you need to think BEYOND the headlines. For example if the auto manufacturers are dropping over $4 Billion, one more time, over $4 Billion, who will directly and indirectly benefit from these investments? Direct new jobs may occur in professions like engineering, material logistics, construction, project management, human resources, training, quality assurance, first line management positions and much more.

INDIRECT jobs from these massive investments could include school teachers. How? Because the workforce that these projects require will employ workers who have or will have families. The children will need to go to school and new teachers will be needed for the new flood of students. Real Estate firms may need to hire new employees to help them sell new homes and condos to this new influx of workers. Other professions such as doctors and nurses may also be required to fill the needs of the new wave of workers.

Simply put, follow the money and new jobs are likely to be found, not only within the corporations mentioned in the news but also in all of the indirect jobs that are created when large infrastructures are built. Let's talk about some other companies in the news. BayerAG & Monsanto pledged to create 3,000 new jobs if a merger between the two is approved. Sprint said it will hire 5,000 new associates. Intel will hire 3,000 associates and build a $7 Billion dollar facility called the Fab 42 plant in Arizona. Let's not overlook the energy sector which is full of pipelines, wind, coal and natural gas projects.

What are these companies doing? They are probably trying to curry favor with President Trump. However for you, the person on a job quest, these news headlines are brilliant billboard signs flashing to get your attention and direct your job search. Keep watching the news as I'm sure new job announcements will continue to occur.  Finally, remember that finding companies that are hiring is like finding a needle in a haystack. But luckily for you this year, some firms are shining a spotlight on themselves, so don't miss out, these are indeed strange times, but in a very good way for job seekers.

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