February 17, 2017


You’ve all but finished your degree, now it’s time to celebrate, right? Well, briefly.  Then it’s time to search for your job. Of course, there are exceptions like accepting a job before spring break or heading to graduate school straight after you receive that golden diploma. However, most college seniors should really be hitting the job quest at full speed during and after the university’s spring break.

Why you ask? Why indeed. You see most companies, during the spring break timeframe, are focused on selecting, interviewing and making job offers to new college graduates. Businesses are on a timeline with the goal of starting their new hires quickly after they graduate in the spring, usually with a June start date.

A second reason for starting the search early is that the job hunt process is very time consuming. There is more to the search process than just lining up a few interviews with the university career service center. Just for fun check out some of the online job databases that exist. Enter in the job you are looking for and see what info comes back from the search. Usually the pile of data to search through is massive, very time consuming and many times disappointing because the job applications may require 6 months of experience. Another reason to start your search process early is that it will give you time to  research the job market. By researching you can find out who is hiring, what states are hiring people in your career type, what the salaries look like for your job by state and more. To learn more about job research check out this article, Finding 2017 Job Openings .

What about updating your resume? Don't bother. Begin to work on your resume after you have found some open job positions. Crafting a resume before you have found a position is usually a waste of time. Why? Because every resume you use to apply for a job will need to be customized to the position being offered. If it is not, then the resume will have a high probability of being rejected. An added plus to waiting on refining your resume is it will be easier when you have the job requirements and can tailor your skill definitions to the wording on the requisition.

If you are still going on Spring Break there are a few things you can do on the beach. Invest some time in looking at job or employment blog sites for advice. Remember that you are not the first person to look for a job after graduating. Purchase some books and read them for tips and suggestions on how to land a job in today’s environment. I mean seriously, you have read how many hundreds of books and spent untold thousands of dollars on your education journey, don’t stop now. They may be just what you need to find your path toward landing the job you want.

OK, now you can slather on the sunscreen, turn on some Jimmy Buffet, adjust your sun glasses and begin the job quest.

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