January 23, 2017


Looking for a new job? Are you a new graduate or an experienced hire looking for something different? Well the good news is that the economy in 2017 is in the best shape that it has been in for many years. The bigger question now becomes, where is your job? We live in a big country and jobs can reside anywhere, the trick is how to search, find, and apply for the job that you want.

Someone in the United States government must have also come to the same conclusion and decided to create some tools to research the job scene across ALL of the USA. This site is a hidden gem of a job tool. Why it is not mentioned much in the media is a puzzle to me since it is extremely comprehensive covering topics as broad as the general job picture in the US to as specific as finding an actual current job opening in a city. How cool is that? So what is the name of this site, Monster.com, LinkedIn, or ...? Indeed, no this site is much more thorough. Want to guess the name, you’ll never get it. So here is the great reveal, the site is the Department US of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?  For the remainder of this article I will refer to this site as (BLS) the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Searching for a job opening can be maddening. Unless you are part of the very select few whose skills are in demand everywhere, then looking for a job can be pretty overwhelming. Basic research like where are the jobs, what do they pay, do all locations pay the same for the same job (they don’t), and how would you determine what other locations (cities or states) pay for the same type of job, along with what locations have a shortage of my skill sets, this and more can all be found on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) site. But let’s not forget about finding actual job openings. Are you interested yet?

A word of caution for data nerds, the BLS site can suck you in for days, months even years if you are not focused on your mission, to find a job opening and online application form. OK let’s get started. I want to take you through some of the helpful tabs on the BLS homepage; you can decide how much data you need to make the job oriented decisions that can help with your quest for a job.

On the BLS site find the HOME tab, top left on the site, in the black ribbon. Cursor over the HOME tab and the contents of the tab will be revealed. The first header will say Resources >> inside this area you will find a ton of research info on jobs. But if you want an open job application then go to the middle header called Resources For >> drop down to about the middle of that section and you will see a topic called JobSeekers, click on it. Now you are on the Jobseeker or Worker page. This page is broken into two sections. Section 1 is called Explore Careers, there are lots of good career type information that can be found in this section. Section 2 is called Find A Job and it is located at the bottom of the page. The Find a Job Section has 3 Job Database Links that can take you to open jobs online applications.

The first job website is called CareerOneStop. The CareerOneStop site has an extremely comprehensive set of career oriented tools and advice for the job seeker. In their own words, the site offers career, training, and job search website for the U.S. Department of Labor. The website serves job seekers, businesses, students, and career advisers with a variety of free online tools, information and resources.  This site has great resources for those on the job quest but it also has resources for those who are looking for internships or apprentice job opportunities. Once you are on the CareerOneStop home page look for the ribbon or tab that says JOB SEARCH. Within the JOB SEARCH tab select Job Listings. Once on the Job Listing page select Find a Job then fill in the search criteria and start filling out online job applications!

The second job website that is listed in the Find A Job section of the BLS site is USAJobs. This job site is the Federal Government's premier one-stop for launching a career in public service, local, regional, and national information is listed for all Federal careers. You may search by agency, position title, salary, location, or career field. If you wish to learn more about this site read the Looking for a Job Try USAJobs.gov article in my blogsite, Job Quest After College.

The final job website that is found under the Find A Job section of the BLS site is Jobs@BLS. This site provides information on the types of job seekers that they are looking to fill open positions such as economists, mathematical statisticians, and information technology specialists in their Washington DC national headquarters and across the country. The site also discusses their hiring process. However to actually find and apply for a job opening you must use the USAJobs site as the portal to apply online.

I hope you can use this article to research, locate, and apply for a job during your employment journey. If you desire some further information on how to tailor your resume for an online application along with other job quest related processes, please check out my ebook, Steps To Finding A Job After College. Also, as a thank you for visiting my blog, I will tell you in advance that my ebook will go on sale during starting on Saturday January 28, 2017. The price of my ebook, Steps To Finding A Job After College will be discounted by during the countdown week.