June 02, 2016

Employment Tips & Solutions to Win at using Job Databases

Now that you have your degree are you ready to find a job? If so, then the odds are that you will be using a Job Database in your search for employment. Let's start with the basics first, a job database is a collection of open job positions that are pooled into one big data pond. These jobs can be sorted and searched using a variety of key words, geographic locations, industry types, etc. New job openings are added and filled while old job openings are removed. Some job databases even allow you to post your resume so employers that are seeking your skill set can view your resume for a potential job that has not been posted online. But wait there's more; the best feature is that these fantastic job enablers are FREE. 

To Win at using Job Databases you must realize that not all are the same. To help drive home this point let me use an illustrative example. Let's say you are looking for a needle (your job) in a large haystack (a job database), and even though that haystack is composed of all possible jobs, remember that your skill set only fits the needle's skill set. Is bigger really better? Just remember that you will need to search through all of those jobs which you are neither interested nor qualified for in order to find your job (the needle). That requires a lot of time and effort.

Other Job Databases can be more targeted say just focusing on government, medical or technical career openings. The haystack is much smaller and more focused. This can save you some time and effort in your search efforts. However, you may miss out on some openings since these databases are so focused.

Finally there are some hidden gems of company specific job databases that can offer a huge array of job openings. Here you may find some job positions that have not been listed on the other Job Databases or they may be listed on the company sites before the masses get a chance to look at them when they are posted to a larger audience of job seekers.
A major tip that can help you solve which Job Database to use is to sit down and plan what blend of databases would give you the best overall selection of job positions for the skill set you embody. Then follow your plan and redo weekly as the job positions get refreshed. Also remember that as you apply for these positions the need to tune your resume for the ATS systems that will screen your resume, see my blog on "A Checklist for a Digital Resume Tune-up" for more information on that topic or check out some books that really focus on how to pass the ATS screening systems.

There are a ton of Job Database sites for you to check out but here are some of my favorites.

Large national job focus:

1.       MONSTER.com
2.       indeed.com
3.       Job.com
4.       LinkedIn.com (resume only but recruiters do search through this site)

Job Sector focus:
1.       Government
1.1.    USAJOBS.gov
2.       Healthcare & Science
2.2.    Medzilla.com (healthcare, pharmaceutical, & science careers)

Hidden GEMS or mega company focus:
1.       Disneycareers.com (ABC, ESPN, Marvel, consumer products, & theme parks)
2.       NBCUNICAREERS.com (NBC,MSNBC,NBCSPORTS, SyFy, USA & theme parks)
3.       Google.
com/about/careers (technical, sales, plus many companies under the parent Alphabet Inc.)

Good Luck in Your Job Quest After College!

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