April 04, 2016

When Should You Begin Your Job Search?

One of the first decisions a job seeker must make is when to begin your search. Does it really matter when you start? Actually it does.

Let me use an analogy you may relate to. Say you want to go to a rock concert and have good seats. The concert's date has been published. Tickets go on sale two months before the day of the concert. Who will get the best seats without paying for a last minute premium? We all know the answer don't we, in fact if we procrastinate until the day of the concert it may be sold out.

Searching for a job has many of the same characteristics as the example above. If you wait until you graduate to begin applying for jobs you will be joining tens of thousands of new graduates who are looking for a job at the same time. If you start well before the rush, your resume will compete with fewer job seekers applying for the same job.

The first step in getting a job is to have your resume selected. Since many corporations use technology to screen resumes for job applications, beating the flood of applications is an important technique that will help position your resume for selection. However the content contained inside your resume and job application are also vital to get selected for the next round of the job selection process but that is content for another blog.